About Us

Who we are  

Founded in 2015, ICS is a Global research and Advisory firm empowering decision makers from Governments. Go’s Financial Institutions, Private Equity, Fintech, Agritech ,Biotech and high potential startups with intelligence and insights to make better business decisions.

We enable this by bringing to play the right mix of the best data, the best methodologies and the best talent to deliver to our clients.

Our Core Purpose

Our Core Purpose originates from the insight of decision making or problem solving that is based on information and Intuition tempered by experience.This is why our most important delivery is to provide all the relevant facts and analysis you need to make a decision fearlessly and run with it without any reservations.

Our Operating Philosophy

  • Walk in our Clients shoes

Treat every assignment as if it will drive choices we would back with our own actions and money

  • Focus on What Matters Most

That is first rate data, analysis and insights. Answers then to client questions or recommendations then  become obvious and unambiguous

  • Customized Solutions Always

Tailor made solutions that address specific issues and budgets because we recognize that every client has needs that are different.

Our People

We are  decision Engineers

We work tirelessly to help our clients take decisions without the fear that would otherwise frustrate decision making  because of role research ,ordinary methods ,uninspired inputs and other cookie cutter processes.

Our people are passionate about helping our clients decide fearlessly and are all domain experts and well qualified to enable your decision making .We use proven methodologies with an experienced skill to make sense of information,opinions,solutions,opportunities and pitfalls.

We ask the right questions,find the right answers,analyze the facts and present our unbiased conclusions and insights that help our clients execute better strategies.

How we do it

We begin by assembling our qualified and experienced experts from multi disciplinary teams.Secondly we lay the foundation with comprehensive and finely calibrated research.Third ,we deploy the best methodology and technology to make an inspired analysis of the data.Fourth we unearth the key findings and articulate them as an actionable insight that empowers our clients to move forward and prevail.