Financing Solutions-Personal & Business
Traditional bank financing can be a time consuming, frustrating, and complex process. Banks require an established credit history, cash flow, and profitability before considering a business loan. In addition to securing all assets as collateral, banks require compliance with stringent restrictive loan covenants which are often difficult to maintain. ICS provides access to working capital by structuring the best source of funding for evolving companies. The result is an immediate and reliable source of cash flow.
We are known for providing the level of service and response that is critical for success in the small to medium size market segment. Clients have high expectations which will only be met or exceeded by adhering to our anchors or philosophy behavior and culture.
Integrated Capital Solutions offers a broadest of purchase order finance solutions well as unique trade finance solutions. ICS offers everything from finished goods supply chain finance solutions to complex production financing and project financing. ICS provides financing to East African based companies who require short-term capital where conventional sources are unavailable or aren’t meeting your needs from startups to companies with proven track records in their industry. We emphasize swift turnarounds for clients with pressing and immediate needs.
ICS works in conjunction with and acts as a compliment to factors, asset based lenders and banks to provide a complete business solution that helps turn purchase orders and contracts into profits for clients - and we do it FAST! We are not a senior lenders competitor like most other PO and trade finance providers. We are experts at providing finance solutions taking the performance risk of fulfilling orders when there is not sufficient traditional collateral.
Integrated Capital Solutions offers many creative and entrepreneurial solutions for financing business’ growth. Companies searching for Purchase Order finance, PO finance, inventory finance, government contract finance, trade finance, supply chain finance, equity investment, working capital finance, transaction management assistance or cash flow finance may find that ICS’s finance solutions and expertise better fulfill their needs.
We are an investment company that specializes in providing purchase order, trade and contract finance solutions for our clients. We have provided more than Ksh 200,000,000 of capital to over 30 public and private companies.
Integrated Capital Solutions’ entrepreneurial spirit and our teams’ expertise have helped us grow quickly. Our extensive financial resources coupled with our team’s unique ability to find financial solutions allows us to offer our portfolio companies financial, strategic and business development support not available elsewhere. Our focus is centered on building our portfolio companies’ profits and creating long term value for equity holders.
Integrated Capital Solutions:
Focuses on the strength of the transaction or opportunity not solely on our client’s balance sheet.
Offers decisions within days, not weeks.
Finances good in process and full production.
Is privately held with a strong financial foundation that enables us to fund without the approval of an outside bank or a group of investors.
Offers flexible and creative financing solutions.
Offers an alternative solution to selling equity in the company.
Has been in business since 2014.
Has experience in diverse industries.
Provides assistance and expertise in structuring international transactions.
Offers unrivalled integrity.
Integrated Capital Solutions provides purchase order finance, trade finance, contract finance, government contract finance and structured inventory finance solutions to clients in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Our unique finance solutions have enabled companies to take advantage of sales growth opportunities that are larger than they can finance internally or through traditional finance sources. ICS’s focus is not necessarily the balance sheet of the client company, but rather the underlying sales opportunities and the economic and commercial viability of those potential sales. With ICS’s Purchase Order and Trade Financing, clients are no longer hindered by the lack of working capital to get deals done.
The Benefits of Integrated Capital Solutions Purchase Order Finance (PO Finance):
The ability to buy inventory and grow sales without being limited by existing capital.
Allows companies to grow without increased bank debt or selling equity.
Helps ensure timely deliveries to customers.
Increase market share.
Allows companies to make larger profits by fulfilling larger orders.
Fast flexible funding.
Provides overseas manufacturers assurance to start production of goods
Helps companies in a turnaround.
Helps when seasonal sales spikes strain cash flow.
Our strong financial foundation and integrity coupled with our unique expertise allow us to quickly provide the broadest selection of purchase order, contract and trade finance solutions in the market. We provide PO Finance and trade finance for imports and exports. Supply chain finance as well as production finance for manufacturer’s work in process, Government contract finance, letters of credit to bridge international and domestic sales, structured inventory finance as well as project finance. Our customized financial solutions include:
Invoice Factoring
Asset Based Loans/Financing
Working Capital
Lines of Credit
Purchase Order Financing
Personal Secured Finance
ICS Bridging Finance provides factoring services to nearly any business that invoices or extends credit to their customers for services rendered and/or products delivered. Factoring allows businesses to easily turn their credit worthy receivables into immediate cash to improve cash flow. Accounts receivable financing is commonly known as factoring. Factoring improves cash flow and increases working capital without new or additional debt. Factoring improves operating leverage, purchasing power, sales and ultimately profitability. Personal guaranties may be waived for qualified companies.
Factoring converts accounts receivable into cash. Cash becomes immediately available to take advantage of growth opportunities, reduce debt or pay daily operating expenses.
Factoring is the process whereby an invoice or purchase order is submitted to the factor for credit approval. First the product is shipped or the service performed. The invoice and related support is submitted to the factor.
The invoice is typically used to draw eighty to ninety percent (80-90%) as a cash advance from the factor prior to payment by the customer. The remaining ten to twenty percent (10-20%) is held in reserve with the factor. When the payment is received, the factor releases the reserve less the charges incurred back to the company.
ICS also specializes in government contract finance due to our expertise in providing financing to Government contractors in need of capital to fulfill or complete contracts for governments in East Africa.
Whether it is a contract to deliver generators after a storm in Mombasa, vehicles in the Rift Valley or elevators to an Embassy in Uganda, Integrated Capital Solutions understands the government contracting process and the unique needs involved with financing and fulfilling these contracts.
If you are in need of mobilization money to kick off a contract or financing to acquire or manufacture equipment or inventory to deliver under a government contract – Integrated Capital Solutions has a finance solution that will help.
ICS Staff have more than 10 years of experience dealing with the unique requirements of dealing with governmental agencies and can offer our years of incite and experience to help enhance your contracting relationships.
Asset-Based Loan Solutions
ICS offers customized lending packages for businesses restricted by conventional bank financing. Asset-based loans are more difficult to qualify than factoring facilities. We make commitments faster and resolve problems decisively.
Asset-based loans can be secured by accounts receivable, real estate, inventory or other assets.
Working Capital
Lack of working capital is a challenge for many companies during expansion. We specialize in helping companies that do not have bank financing, or do not have enough bank financing to allow for growth.
Lines of Credit
Bank lines or credit often overlook the full borrowing power of businesses due to specific formulas, covenants and leverage requirements. Qualifications for asset-based loans generally require a turnaround or profitability in the previous quarter.
ICS’s focuses on your transaction and its financial viability. Unlike traditional finance sources, ICS’s unique approach to providing finance solutions is not solely concerned with the balance sheet and income statement of the company but the economics of the opportunity at hand and the company’s ability to perform if provided sufficient capital.
Management Expertise
ICS finances companies with proven expertise in their field, even if they are a start-up.
Reliable Sourcing
ICS funds transactions with suppliers/subcontractors and manufacturers that have a proven track record.
Valid Purchase Orders and Contracts
ICS will provide financing bases upon firm valid purchase orders issued by creditworthy companies or governmental entities. ICS will not support consignment transactions.
Verifiable Repayment
ICS bridges the capital needs to acquire or manufacture inventory to fulfill purchase orders and contracts. We understand the firm payment terms and upon delivery or completion we are typically taken out or repaid by a bank, factor, asset based lender, letter of credit or direct repayment by the ultimate end customer.
We can help:
Solve cash flow problems
Finance good in process or production.
Fund 100% of the cost of inventory
Provide an alternative to over advances
Provide finance solutions from Kshs 50,000 – Kshs 20,000,000.
To qualify for bridge loans, companies will need to provide the following:
Appropriate tangible collateral
Legitimate repayment strategy
Demonstrated ability to service the debt
Suitable use of proceeds
Proper supporting documentation
Payment scenarios will vary depending on the borrower's (and lender's) specific needs and requirements. Some projects will qualify for an interest-only structure, while others will require a standard principal amortization schedule. Some loans may also require an interest reserve.