Company Profile

Integrated Capital Solutions Ltd (ICS) is a human resources outsourcing, consulting and staffing company, providing strategic support to serve your HR needs. Our experienced team of professionals has expertise in a broad range of specialties. Whether you need ongoing support, consultation services or a temporary HR staffing solution, we customize our services to your specific needs and stage of development and provide a comprehensive range of Human Resource Solutions with a business focus. ICS is the nucleus of a multidisciplinary team of Human Resources specialists and a dynamic organization that excels in consulting and training since we are accomplished in delivering results.

The co-founders and managing partners bring diversified Human Resource expertise from various industries and work environments. In addition ICS has established strategic alliances with over 10+ human resources specialists to deliver first class services and products. Our integrated team approach and its “full-service/one-stop source” philosophy is what makes us unique. We are passionate and committed to working in collaboration with like-minded human resources management and business specialists who share our values to give you, the client, more than you expect!

Our diverse network of partners have demonstrated expertise in a wide range of specialized human resources areas including talent management, outplacement/transition consulting, advisory services/day-to-day counsel to managers, employee relations and practices, employment legislation compliance, organizational development, assessments, and training and development.

As a team, we have worked with small to large size private, public and non-profit organizations across diverse sectors.

ICS collaboratively partners with you to build, develop and strengthen your team by:

  • Assessing and identifying your unique needs and challenges

  • Presenting solutions that are client centered

  • Delivering programs, services and training that fit your culture and budget

  • Ensuring alignment with business goals that ultimately have a positive impact on profit margins

Things we think you should know about us:

  • Our consultant's HR experience runs deep.

  • We are very analytical, data-oriented and business-minded.

  • We provide frequent feedback and design and develop programs with you, not for you. This ensures the end product is exactly what you need and will take your business to the next level.

  • We truly care about our clients’ business growth as well as our own. If we commit to a project, we are completely dedicated to its success.

  • We serve as your strategic partner, providing you with the details you need to make informed, effective decisions that will benefit your business now and into the future.

  • We are open, creative, thorough and cost prudent.

Why ICS HR Services for Your Company?

How We Can Help

Our goal is to serve as your HR partner by providing the most effective, best ROI solutions, always taking into account your budgetary requirements. We don’t offer one-size-fits all approach, which means you receive ideas and recommendations that are completely customized to your industry, culture, size, goals for growth, and budget.

Our services are designed to support your overall business strategy. We work closely with you as projects and services progress to ensure you are receiving optimal value from our work. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when working with us

Employer/Business Owner Benefits
Get the right expertise. Our consulting team has deep and varied HR experience. We’ve intentionally crafted the team to ensure you get a powerhouse of HR experts at your fingertips. We deploy the best resource for your given situation, ensuring the solution is efficient, cost effective and timely.
Tap into the power of effective HR.Strong HR practices ensure you are legally compliant, hiring the right talent and keeping them motivated to propel your business forward. We work closely with you to ensure your employment strategies correlate with your intended results.

Increase your competitive edge. Get more from your managers by increasing their effectiveness. We’ll work with your managers to develop their capabilities and provide the tools they need to get the most from their staff. This enables them to think more strategically while enhancing your position in the marketplace.

Mitigate risks and lawsuits. We can help you manage risks and avoid lawsuits by reviewing your current practices, helping you through poor performance situations, assisting with employee terminations and guarding against discrimination charges so you can spend time focused on the positive aspects of managing your business.

Get answers quickly. You probably didn’t hire your office manager to thoroughly know the ins and outs of HR such as, employment law, compliant and effective interview practices or how to motivate your staff. While it may take your office manager a great deal of time to research an answer, we ensure you receive the information needed quickly and limit your legal exposure to enable you to make informed decisions regarding your business.

Get help when and where needed. We customize our solution to fit your need – be it help with a specific situation or a total outsourced HR solution. We pride ourselves on helping you manage the “human” resources of your business.

Why ICS HR Services for HR Professionals?
We support our clients and their HR departments when and where needed. Whether you need help with a specific project, mentoring or to outsource one of your HR responsibilities, we have a solution that's right for you. In short, we're going to make you look really good!
HR Professional Benefits
Get the support you need. We understand the many hats you wear in HR. We provide “backstage” support to ensure you have the capacity, resources and knowledge needed to effectively service your internal customers.
Get answers quickly. Our team has deep and varied HR experience. We’ve intentionally crafted the team to ensure you get a powerhouse of HR experts at your fingertips. We provide the information you need quickly and help limit your legal exposure, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding your business.
Save time and resources. We can take the projects you don’t want to do off your plate so you can focus on other aspects of your job. Our services are completely customizable and scalable so we can provide as little or as much support as you require.
Mitigate risks and lawsuits. You know how lawsuits can greatly impact your product or service; employee morale; your time and your budget. We can help you manage risk and guard against unwanted employment actions by ensuring you have the information needed to make good decisions for your organization.


ICS HR services are designed for businesses that need HR support, but don’t need someone fulltime. The services are completely customized so that you receive support that addresses the areas and initiatives that will bring the greatest return on investment. By having us focus on managing HR, you will have more time to focus on your core business and many other responsibilities as well as the flexibility to change direction quickly as HR issues arise.

We’ll get started right away to address your immediate needs and concerns and get to know your leadership, management and staff. As we get to know the organization, we build an understanding of your burning issues, HR practices currently in place, what’s working and what is not, your recruiting needs and the types of positions you need to fill, your turnover rate, your culture and the nuances and challenges of your specific industry. This in-depth knowledge allows us to provide recommendations and support on HR activities that will have a positive impact on your organization.

Your outsourced HR solution can include all or a combination of services including:

  • Ongoing support to assist employees and managers with HR related questions or concerns.

  • General employment practice compliance and administration, which may include maintaining employee files, leave coordination, Government compliance and reviews, position descriptions, and other, state, and local requirements.

  • Compensation benchmarking and strategy to attract, retain and motivate talent while meeting your budget.

  • Employee on boarding to ensure new hires get off to a smooth start and complete new hire paperwork and benefit enrollments.

  • Employee relations support as needed as well as proactively identifying issues and taking steps to mitigate risk.

  • Performance review process design, implementation and maintenance, which can include management training on how to document performance issues and give constructive feedback.

  • Employee handbook update or creation, and rollout.

  • Benefit plan consolidation, design, vendor selection and renewal management, which can include open enrollment activities.

  • Workforce planning and development to ensure continued growth and productivity of your employees.

  • Recruiting services to assist with finding and attracting top talent.

  • Administration of other HR programs and processes that will maximize employee productivity and return on investment.

All ICS Outsourced HR clients receive ongoing consultation to ensure we are accomplishing the most critical tasks with the greatest impact. Our services include :

  1. Recruiting

Save time in the areas you need it most. Whether you need help sourcing candidates, interviewing, or getting a second opinion about a prospective critical hire, we offer a range of recruiting service options that will ensure we meet your needs, while saving you time and resources.

In most instances, clients who utilize our recruiting services receive a savings of half or more than what they’d find at a typical staffing agency. We are unique in that we offer you the ability to choose which pieces of the recruitment process you want to outsource, be it for one position or several. We take the time to get to know your business needs in detail including your industry, the hiring manager, the technical skill set and company culture fit necessary to ensure the recruitment process steps you choose to outsource are maximized to their full potential.

As part of our services we can do all or some of the following menu service options as well as vary our services based on your desired level of assistance for each specific position:

  • Create sourcing strategies based on your budget and the type(s) of candidate(s) you are seeking.

  • Assist with writing and finalizing job descriptions.

  • Write compelling job postings that get the attention of competitive talent pools and ensure listings are posted in locations best suited to reach the target audience.

  • For each position, perform targeted candidate sourcing utilizing our tools and resources, as well as sites approved by you.

  • Carefully screen candidates and submit those most appropriate.

  • Conduct phone interviews with approved candidates and submit thorough reports to hiring managers capturing the skills, qualifications and overall suitability for the position.

  • Schedule candidate interviews and provide detailed information throughout the screening and interview process so you can make informed hiring decisions.

  • Manage all correspondence with candidates including providing feedback and updates as well as answering questions.

  • Help promote a positive brand image for the company. This is especially important when securing top talent and ensuring candidates have a positive impression of your company.

  • Assist with conducting applicant testing, reference checks, background screening, negotiations, offer letters, legal agreements, candidate declinations and any required paperwork.

  • Provide frequent progress updates and communication so you can stay on track and hire the best fit within the timeline required.

  • Help you manage or create an employee referral incentive program, relocation assistance program and employee on-boarding program.

  1. HR Temporary Staffing

Our HR staffing services will help you find the right temporary HR talent for your company. Our many years of sourcing and placement expertise will ensure you secure the right temporary help to get your HR project completed and achieve the business goals for your organization. 

How it Works:

  • Call or email us and tell us about your needs and the length of assignment. We’ll source and screen quality HR candidates using the latest technology and recruiting methods. We strive to provide HR talent that you may not be able to find at other staffing agencies.

  • We’ll conduct phone interviews on your behalf and then follow-up with comprehensive notes to help you make a knowledgeable hiring decision.

  • We conduct reference checks on every candidate we represent and require the candidate to provide reference information from at least two former supervisors before we will represent them.

Thereafter, we then:

  • Schedule candidate interviews and provide detailed information throughout the screening and interview process so you can make informed hiring decisions.

  • Help promote a positive brand image for the company. This is especially important when securing top talent and ensuring candidates have a positive impression of your company.

  • Manage all correspondence with candidates including providing feedback and updates as well as answering questions.

  • Assist with conducting applicant testing, background screening, negotiations, and candidate declinations.

  • Once the right candidate is identified we will help you secure the candidate for the duration requested.

Unlike many staffing agency fee models, we disclose our rate structure. You’ll understand the difference in pay to the temporary employee versus our service fee to you. We believe in transparency in an effort to building close, partnering relationships with clients and offer preferred provider discounts to help defray your costs. 

We’re always looking for talented Human Resource professionals to place with our great clients. If you would like to be considered, please send your resume in Word or pdf format to

  1. Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

While functional/technical skills and knowledge are essential for effective job performance, by themselves they may not be enough to guarantee a smoothly functioning and productive organization. We work with individuals and their teams to help them become effective, highly valued leaders in their organization.

We offer executive coaching, and mid-level leadership development to help you:

  • Clarify your strategic vision as well as the tactical strategy for operationalizing and bringing that vision to life.

  • Fine-tune your organizational structure, culture, work flow and individual job design to ensure you have the right people doing the right work in the most efficient and effective manner.

  • Develop a competency model for your organization that identifies the essential behavioral attributes needed by current and future employees to ensure they are working in alignment with your overall brand and business strategy (e.g. risk tolerance, ability to deal with ambiguity, inclination to be a self-starter).

  • Implement a change management and communications strategy to ensure that your organization remains productive in the face of planned or unplanned change events be they downsizing, reorganization or rapid growth.

As part of our services you will receive:

  • An advocate who is committed to helping you objectively assess your core strengths and identify opportunities for development and growth.

  • Support on key competencies essential to your current job performance and future career advancement, including effective delegation and strategic thinking skills.

  • Techniques to enhance interpersonal communications and clarify expectations between you and your team.

  • Influence strategies for engaging challenging employees and ensuring everyone on the team is working toward the same business objectives.

  • Guidance on cultivating your team’s adaptability and responsiveness to ensure they remain productive during times of change.

  • Skills for effectively coaching and mentoring team members for improved job performance and satisfaction.

  • Strategies for ensuring your personal growth and the development of your team is sustainable after our coaching sessions have ended.

4. Executive Search
Executive search is a systematic methodology to identify and select qualified Mid-level executives or senior professionals. Our Consultants partner with our clients and specialize in identifying and placing superior candidates at the highest levels. The combined use of investigative market research, focused networking, and the seniority of the relevant search consultant who combine business acumen with experience, enable us in offering world class executive search services. We have successfully closed senior level searches for CEOs, CFOs and VPs for various IT, Telecom, FMCG, Services, Retail and startup companies across East Africa.
Consultative Approach:
We believe that corporate leadership and governance are key factors of corporate strategy and hence have always striven hard to partner our clients as a strategic adviser by providing judgment, market intelligence, and strong business acumen.
We go into the in-depth analysis of the executive's document accomplishments, management style, leadership philosophy and personal and professional ambitions, before finally selecting a right candidate. We work in close co-ordination with our clients throughout the executive search process. We also conduct client satisfaction surveys by taking feedbacks from our clients to evaluate our performance and results. As soon as we get an assignment, we assign a separate team for that, so as to ensure the highest level of service to our clients. Our team members are chosen for their industry expertise, geographic reach, and prior work experience.
Keeping an executive search confidential while still contacting the numbers of sources and potential candidates to prosecute the search fully presents a special challenge to executive recruiters and their clients. The usual situation is the replacement of an incumbent in a key role, when there is a desire to not have the chair empty, or at least not for long.
A confidential search requires a recruiter’s best executive selling skills, because the company story he (she) tells must be compelling enough to engage the curiosity and interest of a candidate, without disclosing the identity of the client. Consultants ICS are fully aware of the sensitivity of the confidentiality in executive search and maintain the utmost while performing a search.
5. Performance Management
ICS helps clients to measure their organizational strategic objectives with their operational objectives. We guide the organization in implementation of the Performance Management programs through the following steps:
Identify the purpose of Performance Management Program.
Identify the required Performance Management Method.
Establish the Performance Management rights and responsibilities.
Apply the Performance Management program phases.
Set the rating definitions.

6. Training and Career Development
We work with the Clients to implement the four phases of this service as follows:
Needs Assessments
a) Organization analysis
b) Task analysis
c) Employee analysis

d) Instructional objectives
e) Trainee readiness
f) Learning principles

a) On-the-job methods
b) Off-the-job methods
c) Management development

a) Reactions
b) Learning
c) Behavior
d) Results

7. Career Development
ICS helps set the guidelines for the organization to develop the employee’s career and help to achieve a high retention rate within the organization. The guidelines will help the organization to do the following tasks:
Match individual and organization needs
a) Encourage employee ownership of career.
b) Create a supportive context.
c) Communicate direction of company.
d) Establish mutual goal setting and planning.
Identify career opportunities & requirements
e) Identify future competency needs.
f) Establish job progressions and career paths
g) Balance promotions, transfers, exits

Gauge Employee Potential
a) Measure competencies (appraisals).
b) Establish talent inventories
c) Establish succession plans.

Introduce Career Development initiatives
a) Provide workshops.
b) Provide career self-management training
c) Give developmental feedback

8. Compensation & Benefits
We work closely with our Clients to reach to the most suitable wage structure that is compliant with the wage curve, pay grades, and rate ranges. This service will enable the Customer to achieve the following:
1) To reward employee’s past performance
2) To remain competitive in the labor market
3) To maintain salary equity among employees
4) To mesh employees future performance with organization goals.
5) To control the compensation budget
6) To attract new employees
7) To reduce unnecessary turnover

9. Incentive Rewards
Incentive plans emphasize a shared focus on organizational objectives by broadening the opportunities for incentives to employees throughout the organization. Below are the major outputs of this service:
1) Characteristics of a successful incentive plan:
2) Financial incentives that are linked to valued behavior.
3) Fair incentive program.
4) Challenging, yet achievable productivity and quality standards.
5) Simple and understandable payout formulas.

10. Employee Benefits
ICS works with the customer to develop the most appropriate benefit plans. These plans include, but not limited to the following:
1) Pension
2) Variable pay
3) Worker’s compensation
4) Health benefits
5) Time-off programs.

11. Human Resources Training Programs
ICS provides the following Human Resources programs:
1) Fundamentals of Human Resources
2) Strategic Human Resources Planning
3) Performance Management and Appraisal
4) Recruitment, Selection and Hiring
5) Fundamentals of Compensation
6) Job Analysis
7) Developing Effective Training