We are veteran investment banking and credit trained professionals with substantial capital markets, lending, and restructuring experience. Our partners have worked together previously at several local and International Banks, Securities markets, private equity firms and have combined over 50 years of experience.

We have extensive experience, combining a deep understanding of the capital markets with senior relationships in accessing middle market private equity sponsors, institutional lenders, legal, accounting and other support professionals.

With several years of banking experience and in helping people meet their financial needs we are well placed to help you in any of the areas of financial planning which interest you.

At Integrated Capital Solutions, we work alongside asset owners to understand their current situation, needs and goals. We provide innovative capital raising solutions that give asset owners the ability to successfully launch or further develop their project towards realization and completion.

We do this by thoroughly analyzing the issues you face and implementing solutions to address them. Our focus is on ongoing service. That’s why such a large proportion of our clients have regularly trusted us with their finances.

Put simply we will advise, guide and support you in defining your financial objectives.

We’ll work with you to understand what it is you want to achieve, both in the short term and, perhaps more importantly, the longer term. We’ll also explore what drives these objectives, whether that’s a particular goal for investment or retirement, or a less specific plan that needs more definition.

Once we’ve understood what you want and why, we can work together to create an effective personal financial plan to achieve this, in a way that best suits your circumstances.

We like to think we are more than just top-notch financial planners; we’re relationship builders too. We’re proud of the trusted relationships we’ve built over the years and many of our clients now see us as an indispensible partner when it comes to planning their financial futures.

We provide value-added solutions to clients. Our services include: Debt and Equity Private Placements, Recapitalizations, Financial Restructurings, and Buy/Sell Side M&A.

We provide full service expertise from the inception of the engagement through closing: drafting financing materials, working with the company / sponsor to prepare the financial information and financial model, preparing the management team for presentations to prospective investors / lenders, soliciting and negotiating term sheets, and negotiating credit documentation on behalf of the client.


Balanced Portfolio Management

Integrated Capital Solutions offers a clear solution, with critical evaluation from experienced investment professionals who will set you on a path toward meeting your individual wealth management goals.

Portfolios designed to meet the specific needs of each client, taking into account risk tolerance, current situation and future life objectives

  • Investment process guided by experienced, accessible portfolio managers who have the know-how to adjust for risk and take a deliberate approach to market opportunities

  • Sound investment decisions based on macroeconomic forecasts, fundamental quantitative and technical analysis

Broad array of investment strategies provided across all asset classes, including alternative investments

  • Long-term strategic and short-term tactical asset allocation guidance provided through leadership of an asset allocation committee, chaired by our chief investment officer

  • Proprietary research allows our professionals to select securities and managers for global and domestic equity and fixed income portfolios

  • Full transparency on performance, fees and reporting

  • Customized reporting and online access

Fixed-Income Management

With fixed-income management from ICS, you get an objective, accessible financial partner who can help you make the decisions that are in your best interest.

Access to a disciplined investment process that involves average maturity and distribution assessment, sector allocation, security selection and ongoing risk monitoring

  • Access to multiple fixed-income sectors, including Treasuries, agencies, municipals, investment grade and commercial paper

  • Customized reporting and online access

  • Competitive pricing

Customizable taxable and tax-exempt portfolios to meet total return and cash flow objectives

  • Ongoing yield curve analysis and reassessment of investment criteria

  • Duration and risk management

Endowment Management

Looking for a partner to address your organization’s unique investment needs?

ICS Endowment Committee has significant experience working with nonprofit organizations. We work together with your team to meet the organization’s investment goals while navigating the regulatory

environment unique to nonprofit organizations.
Asset allocation process directly addresses the requirements of the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act

  • Customized Portfolio Management and Investment Consulting

  • Cash Management

  • Strategies to meet ongoing liquidity needs

  • Development of an investment strategy

  • Consolidated and objective performance reporting

  • Socially responsible investing

Financial Planning

ICS can conduct a personal financial review to help you evaluate and determine how much you will need to save to achieve your goals.

Multi-level planning available to address both simple and complex financial situations

  • An experienced team of Financial Planners dedicated to exclusively focusing on financial planning work with clients 

Provides information on balance sheet, cash flows, and expense projections and savings.

  • Other available analyses include projecting and planning for education expenses, retirement, long-term care needs, gifting, family support and charitable giving.

  • Comprehensive estate and financial planning available for more complex needs

Socially Responsible Investing

What matters to you, matters to us. At ICS we can help you design a portfolio to align your investments with your values.


  • Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) team seeks to provide best-in-class solutions across all asset classes to meet you or your organization’s unique SRI needs.

  • The ESG team evaluates company performance on an array of factors including resource and waste management, carbon emissions policy, opportunities in clean technology, workplace health and safety, employee benefits, factory conditions, product quality and safety, and board diversification.

  • Business involvement screening allows us to evaluate portfolio companies’ involvement in areas such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, weapons, fossil fuels, and genetically modified foods.

  • SRI and ESG objectives are integrated with your wealth management goals to provide a customized, holistic approach to investing.

  • Active Asset Allocation

An active asset allocation strategy allows for adjustment in your portfolio based on current conditions, helping to lessen your exposure to market declines and better protect your capital.

  • Alternative Investments

Alternative investments provide added diversification to your portfolio of traditional investments.

  • Tax Sensitivity

Tax-sensitive management of portfolios includes tax reviews for capital gain/loss optimization, detailed capital gain/loss reporting, tax-deferred or taxable account investment placement, and withdrawal optimization.


Within the Investment Management Division, many of our people serve in multi-function capacities but fundamentally, our business can be broken down into two main functions: Client Solutions and Investment Strategies.


Our Client Solutions professionals partner with large pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, endowments, foundations, individuals and family offices to develop investment strategies and identify the opportunities that shape their portfolios and long-term investment goals.

  • Private Wealth Management (PWM) secures, develops and manages relationships with high-net-worth individuals, their families, family offices and select foundations and endowments. 

  • Institutional Business works to develop and execute thoughtful investment solutions for our diverse client base which includes corporate and public pension funds, foundations and endowments, insurers, financial institutions and governments. 

  • Third Party Distribution (TPD) primarily targets individuals through financial intermediaries including wire-houses, regional broker-dealers, banks and insurance companies. 


Our Investment Strategies professionals build client portfolios across a broad range of asset classes, including equities, fixed income, alternatives and multi-asset class solutions, to customize client solutions that meet their unique investment objectives.


  • Fundamental Equity teams conduct original, bottom-up research across a broad range of capitalizations and styles, spanning global developed and emerging markets. This team utilizes growth equity, value equity, global equity and real estate securities strategies.

  • Quantitative Investment Strategies uses advanced quantitative methods to systematically uncover and exploit sources of alpha. Our proprietary risk models seek to ensure that risk is actively managed and allocated according to our investment criteria. We offer a range of strategies across market capitalizations, regions and investment styles that can be tailored to meet specific client demands.


  • Fixed Income seeks to uncover opportunities across borders and in under-researched markets. We use independent specialist teams for bottom-up and top-down decisions, and for generating strategies within their areas of expertise. The Fixed income team includes money market products, central funding and liquidity management businesses. 


What We Do

We are a real estate development firm that seeks to develop institutional grade real estate having a team with extensive and deep experience in real estate development and finance. We work to deliver quality and inspirational real estate developments that encourage great community living.

To us, real estate research is not just about data collection & analysis, we go further to look at the existing gaps, enhancing market knowledge and informing concept development. It requires understanding the market, identifying an opportunity and tapping into it with the main focus of achieving the highest and best use.

Our diverse local and global networks help us bring together landowners through joint venture agreements and tap into capital to drive economic growth.

We believe that all investors should have an opportunity to participate in the growing real estate sector. The mode of participation is either:

  • Through the real estate backed fixed income notes that offer a fixed rate of return over an agreed period.

  • Through the purchase of the completed buildings in the project.