Credit Management Training  

We provide development and training services for the employees of our clients working in the financial services industry, including nationally accredited training and customized (non accredited) courses such as financial management, the debt recovery process,customer service management, finance for non finance managers etc.

Since ICS was formed by credit and financial managers who have extensive experience in the Banking Industry, We enjoy strong business relationships with major Kenyan and international banks, financial institutions,insurance houses, large corporations,public utilities and governments.We have a vision of creating a commercial collection agency that greatly surpasses current agency performance; we strive to be the best, not the biggest. One that creates proprietary systems producing highly customized reports, and has service levels that are timely and informative.
Our ongoing success is a result of our commitment to leading the way in ethical debt recovery, our disciplined approach to business and strategy and our focus on creating value. The quality, dedication and resolve of our people and their drive to achieve value and outstanding results for our clients underpin this success.We use technology to drive performance and improve our position so as to become an industry leader. We have created innovative proprietary systems that deliver improved functionality and significant intellectual property and we remain committed to continuously identifying further efficiency and productivity improvements.

ICS customers now span every industry and have become a testament to the agency we originally envisioned. We continue todevelop with online access, revenue cycle and analytical collection reviews, debtor database matching, outsourcing, and in sourcing. ICS offers special programs and a host of other services designed to significantly reduce your bad debt and allow you to more effectively operate your business.