Every CEO's desire is to drive revenue and growth to even higher levels in order to increase shareholder value. One sure way of doing so, is to increase productivity and reduce cost without compromising quality. The key objective for a lender is to convert loan requests into superior quality assets and accelerate the delivery process.

Integrated Capital Solutions Ltd is the ultimate provider of outsourced loan underwriting services to financial institutions and funding solutions to entrepreneurs. It is led by a team which has over two decades of experience in providing expert Credit underwriting services. Our expertise includes the provision of;

  • Credit Underwriting Services
  • Credit Systems Implementation
  • Credit Consulting and Advisory/ Credit Information Services
  • Independent Loan Portfolio Review
  • Training & Development in Credit Risk Management
  • Interest Rate Advisory Services
  • Personal Financial Management/ Expert Credit Repair
  • Credit market insights, liquidity, and investment management solutions
  • Personal Finance Lending
  • Loan Follow up and Recovery/Receivables Management Services
  • Business Health Diagnosis

We also lower credit and operational risk through careful scrutiny of loan portfolios. Even those that appear “safe” undergo rigorous examination in order to mitigate risk. In addition to our deep domain knowledge and use of Lean and Six Sigma principles, we optimize outcomes and deliver enhanced business impact through our mortgage underwriting and audit services. All files that we handle are passed through a live audit process that ensures accuracy, reliability of decisions, and loan salability.

Our deep expertise includes end-to-end fulfillment and component-based solutions for ratio analysis, fraud detection, regulatory compliance, with outcome-based pricing for services that include manual underwriting, condition review and approval, quality control, and audit underwriting, as well as credit risk and collateral risk underwriting services.

Integrated Capital Solutions Ltd provides seasoned personnel and advanced technology tools for more efficient underwriting operations. By combining technological solutions with efficient manual processes, we increase productivity while decreasing cycle times. Our digitization of key data allows for greater underwriting scrutiny, higher process quality, and improved credit decisions. This attention to detail increases customer satisfaction and improves lender profitability.

Our key underwriting responsibilities include the extended evaluation and analysis of loans and applicant creditworthiness. We also offer a host of other associated services including the accurate assessment of applicant risk class and exact pricing for loans at par with market rates.

Specifically, we specialize in the following Underwriting Services.

Running Automated Underwriting Systems

We are experienced in the running of automated underwriting systems, which are becoming increasingly prevalent today. This system is risk-based, and has a host of linkages that take into consideration both qualitative and quantitative techniques hence involves the use of software to process data and determine an approval or denial by the assessment of associated risks. Since the final approval or denial depends on the criteria used by the application, the underwriter is wholly responsible for the accuracy of the information fed into the automated underwriting system.

To provide optimal results, we ensure that all data is verified, reviewed and appraised in the operation of our automated underwriting systems.

Loan Approval Check

A loan application review requires several 'conditions' of a loan to be met before a final approval is issued. These conditions can include supporting documents, income statements, purchase agreements, credit scores etc., that are needed to support the applicant's case. We ensure that all the conditions to clear the loan are met and nothing is left to guesswork. Lending is a cyclical business and maintaining a cost structure that reflects the peaks and valleys can be difficult. Banks and non bank financial institutions can benefit from a range of lending outsourcing capabilities from us including but not limited to:

  1. Loan origination
    1. Application capture
    2. Document preparation and Processing
    3. Underwriting
    4. Closing/funding
    5. Post-closing services
  2. Compliance support
  • Loan servicing
    • New loan setup
    • Payment processing
    • Investor accounting/reporting
    • Escrow processing/analysis
    • Customer service
    • Default reporting and management

Our Lending team checks to make certain that all requirements are fulfilled before issuing the 'clear to close' and final approval for the facility/loan/advance.

Clearing Loan Conditions /Loan Sign offs

Once a loan review is completed, we prepare and send 'conditions to close' to the Bank or financial Institution. Clearing loan conditions is a crucial aspect of underwriting and involves the preparation of a list of documents (specified by the underwriter) that are needed to support the borrower's case. This includes updated pay details, purchase agreements, letters of explanation, and so on.

Securities Review

Title review is an important aspect of credit underwriting that protects the interests of both the borrower and the lender. This can be done with the help of our associates such as Lawyers and Valuers at the request of the client.

Appraisal Review

This essential feature of a loan file involves the provision of an 'Appraisal Review Report' that states the underwriter's views regarding the sufficiency and appropriateness of the collateral provided to support the lending transaction. The report also validates whether or not the property valuation is at par with the current market value.

Our appraisal review services include review of the property's sales history, photographs, location maps, appropriateness of the comparables, adjustments, etc. We also verify the authenticity of the report date &appraiser's signature.

Fraud Guard Review

Banks and non bank financial Institutions may have strict measures in place to avoid fraudulent loan applications. These measures, however, may sometimes reject genuine applications. This can occur because of incorrect data submission or omission of certain information in the loan application. Our fraud guard review service ensures applicant creditworthiness through the identification of anomalies and potential falsifications in a loan file. These factors can include conflicting addresses, AVM comps mismatching with the property, multiple cash transactions in several bank accounts, large deposits or withdrawals, and other possibly falsified details.

Independent Loan Review

The purpose of independent loan review is to make financial institutions aware of the quality of their portfolio and identify potentially troubled loan relationships as early as possible. This process includes regular and frequent evaluations of asset quality, internal controls and administrative procedures, all of which are key to effective credit risk management. Regulatory policy requires all financial institutions maintain effective loan review systems. Institutions may maintain internal or outsourced independent review systems, provided persons involved in the loan review or credit grading function are qualified based on their level of education, experience, and formal credit training. They should be knowledgeable in both sound lending practices and the institution's lending guidelines for the types of loans offered by the institution. In addition, they should be knowledgeable of relevant laws and regulations affecting lending activities.  

Integrated Capital Solutions Ltd provides affordable outsourced commercial loan review to financial institutions, operating within customized engagements.  

Our dedicated team of seasoned credit professionals helps our clients identify and manage risks and challenges associated with lending. While we adhere to principles of independence, we recognize the need to offer advice and provide practical solutions to our clients.

Receivables Management

The old adage that says ‘a sale is not complete until the money is collected’ is more important today than ever before. ICS’s primary mission has been a simple one, to provide clients with maximum collection results coupled with the most responsive and effective customer service in the collection industry. Based on these attributes and accomplishments, ICS has developed a tremendous clientele that has trusted ICS to professionally drive their accounts receivable into cash, while receiving value added expertise in the credit and collection arena. Simply put, ICS is committed to performance and we deliver!

What we do

  • Help our clients attain long term receivable and profitability goals
  • Assure a high level of quality, collaboration, and flexibility with
    our clients through effective management systems and processes
  • Make maximum use of advancing technology
  • Conduct business with the utmost integrity, respect and dignity

At ICS we have a vision of creating a commercial collection agency that greatly surpassed current agency performance; we strive to be the best, not the biggest.

The core function of our collection activities is direct communication with your account customer. We utilize many different, but effective tools to assist our staff in providing our clients with quality measurable results.

In addition, our professional and courteous approach to all collection activities protects your relationship with your customers, whilst allowing ICS to still achieve the desired results. This approach works by ensuring:

  • All contact made is both precise and professional

  • That the debtor has as many options to pay as possible

  • That any demand for payment is friendly but assertive by always striving for Payment In Full

  • The utilization of the ICS & CRB data bases to assess the debtor’s history, ability, and willingness to pay

  • Each account is consistently monitored to ensure all commitments are being met

  • Any account unresolved is addressed by proceeding with the next most relevant and appropriate follow-up activity needed.

  • Finally, throughout the entire collection process, you can be safe in the knowledge, that our staff are well trained and industry experienced to act in the best interests of our clients and to ensure we maximize your cost savings on Debt Collection.

Advantages of partnering with ICS

  • Reduce Operations Costs
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Positive effect in lowering overhead
  • Transfer production time to another area to further increase revenue
  • Streamline revenue cycle

ICS puts the needs of the client first by providing those things that every credit manager wants and needs from their agency. These include but not limited to;

  • Result driven collections

  • Superior client service

  • Value added expertise

  • Flexible and valuable management reporting

  • On-line capabilities

  • Customized collection programs

  • Outsourcing/In sourcing/Customized Program capabilities

Benefits of signing with Integrated Capital Solutions Ltd

Choosing ICS Ltd as your outsourcing partner will ensure watertight underwriting scrutiny, superior process quality and professional underwriters, giving you the advantage of quicker loan approvals and improved credit decisions.

Some banks and other non-bank financial institutions that are struggling with non-performing loans may want to diversify to other lending but they do not know where to begin. Others may be transitioning to retail lending or other commercial loan underwriting but are not quite sure of the way the process works. Some institutions do not generate enough loans applications to justify employment of fulltime credit analysts and are debating on whether to outsource their underwriting work to a remote underwriting firm. Whatever the cases is, outsourcing the underwriting services to ICS Ltd is a good idea because it brings a myriad of benefits to the growth of a lending institution 

Here are twelve reasons why you should seriously consider outsourcing credit analysis/ underwriting to ICS Ltd.

  1. Clog-free loan approvals

When you outsource to us, we shall enter into a Service Level Agreement with you on turnaround times. Therefore, you will not expect unnecessary delays in completion of assignments. Your loan applications will be processed faster. 

  1. No Training needed

You will no longer spend your money on expensive training. It is up to us to keep up with current underwriting techniques with no cost to you. 

  1. Safe and secure

Document submitted electronically should be password-protected in addition to entering into agreements to maintain safety and confidentiality of your customers.

  1. Huge payroll and hardware savings/No staff Retooling

You will no longer pay huge salaries or buy computers, calculators and other equipment used by a credit analyst or underwriter or buy credit underwriting systems

  1. Cost effective – outsource vs. hire Conversion of fixed costs to variable costs

Salaries to permanent staff are usually fixed costs to the Company. When you outsource to use, you are guaranteed to cut down these costs by not less than 50%.

  1. Zero downtime

A typical employee spends about 2.0 hours a day on lunch break, chatting with colleagues, playing games on the computer or just hanging around. More time is taken by casual absenteeism, sick offs, vacations, training and other social interruptions. At ICS Ltd we are always there for you 24/7. 

  1. Best underwriting practices/Best Industry practices

At ICS Ltd we are exposed to underwriting practices of many banks that engage us and therefore we apply the best practices sampled from a large pool. You get to benefit from the results of the best underwriting techniques by improving the credit quality of your portfolio. High credit quality minimizes credit risk, thus enhancing profitability and stability of your institution.

  1. Faster turnaround

Without downtimes and with agreed turnaround times, credit analysis/ underwriting is completed faster and the loan approval process is hastened. The result is a higher retention of satisfied customers. 

  1. Smarter management of demand surges

During loan peak periods, credit analysts/ underwriters tend to be overwhelmed by the increased surges of loan applications. If that happens, the institution ends up delaying loan approvals. In the process it loses potential customers to the competition. Outsourcing credit analysis and underwriting mitigate all that as surges are dealt with timely and promptly. 

  1. Satisfied borrowers/delivery efficiency

Prospective customers look for, and deserve quick answers to their loan applications. They run companies for profit just like banks do. Any delay may mean losing that lucrative order or failure to keep the door open. 

  1. Optimal Employee Efficiency Ratio.

Payroll is one of the larger expense items for banking and non-bank financial institutions. Banks determine efficiency by either expressing expenses (excluding interest expense) as a percentage of operating revenue or revenue as a percentage of the number of employees.

By outsourcing credit analysis/ underwriting, payroll cost is reduced as well as overall operating overheads. Accordingly, bank and employee efficiency ratios improve. 

  1. 100% satisfaction guarantee

If the outsourced credit analysis/ underwriting providers fail to keep their promises, clients are not obligated to pay for the service.