Founded in 2015 by a trailblazer in modern debt collection, Integrated Capital Solutions ranks among the top retail and commercial collection agencies in the nation.We specialize in retail, business-to-business collections and therecovery of large, uncollected debts.When special needs arise, ICS in-house lawyers are ready to support our debt collection professionals. Our debt collectors are available to help clients in every state recover funds from businesses around the country. We yield an 85% success rate on large viable claims.

Beyond debt collection and contract litigation, our consulting division presents customized commercial collections seminars and credit management training programs for corporate clients. The ICS principals also provide financial and operational advice and are often asked to support the negotiation of major corporate transactions (mergers & acquisitions, joint-ventures, etc.) both domestically and internationally. This hands-on business experience — from contract negotiations to operations management — contributes greatly to our success with large commercial collections.

We are specialists in large claims with nationwide service.ICS is a commercial and retail collection agency, which means we collect on business to business accounts receivable and against individuals if they are personally liable for a business debt.

Our debt collectors have:_

  • 10+ years of collection and business experince
  • Advanced degrees in many cases
  • Expertise in large commercial and retail collection claims
  • The ability to take a custom approach on each claim
  • Industry recognition of excellence

In normal situations our team takes over the debtors list from an agreed point in time onwards and does their utmost to collect these funds within the shortest possible timeframe. In doing so a number of tools are used by our staff such as:

  • Monthly statements in electronic and paper form sent to debtors, & resending pending invoices too where necessary as overdue
  • Computer programmes to keep track and trail of correspondence with customers
  • Fixed line and mobile telephone calls and recording
  • Email reminders
  • Request for meetings with debtors
  • Physically presenting ourselves at the debtors addresses
  • Written letters potentially advising debtors that they will be reported to credit monitoring institutions if they dishonour their commitments and credit line.
  • Preliminary and final legal letters
  • Court warrants and garnishee orders
  • Court cases and more
  • Reporting of defaulting debtors to the Credit Reference Bureaus
  • Ability to provide further add on finance & legal services
  • Option to enlist & consent to triangularisation offsets of client debts
  • Sending client statements on time and keeping track & trail of customer correspondence, telephone calls & meetings
  • A guaranteed success of debt collection & credit management
  • No in-house fixed admin wage costs
  • Generate & ease cash flow, cut down your bank overdraft financing costs
  • Have peace of mind that your debtors are in control
  • Focus on your core operations and see your business grow
  • Take advantage of our flexible working hours
  • We optimize & boast profitability. We are an investment not a sunk cost
  • Adequate reporting and follow-up of client complaints
  • Assessment of client credit worthiness
  • Option to use our agency name as an intermediary to press for collection
  • Use of expert advice and expert debt collection approach for a right the first time approach to collecting debts
  • Close interaction of our trained staff as part of your team
  • A smooth & continuous service throughout. Engaging your own staff may mean that you are left at a standstill upon their resignation. Our service avoids recruitment time, fixed wage costs and training time and costs
  • Continuous onsite presence & communication with client